Site Keeping - Management of Construction Waste (Debris) -reuse and recycling.

  • Promoter and Builders cater to almost 80% of the construction works in the city.
  • The concept of cost on sqft basis cancelled measurement sheets quantity, surveying and encouraged minimum supervision on projects. Every piece worker works on sq ft basis with competitive rates.
  • Tries to extract maximum work irrespective of economy, saving of material, cleaning and clearing before and after completing the day's work.
  • In this process a large amount of construction waste material gets generated.
  • Due to the mega projects heavy loading and huge turnover and big amount of profits the promoters helplessly overlook for wastage or economy which is indirectly a national waste.
  • It is found that heaps of debris are created on site during 50 % completion of the work.
  • The entire Debris is thrown away on fertile lands spoiling the environment and ecology of nature.
  • It is practically not possible to recycle this debris by taking away to a distance place, in factory and creating products like Block, Bricks, Tiles, etc.
  • Now a days there is ban on dumping the debris in and around city.
  • Considering this grave situation PCERF decided to study on the project and find out on site solution for reuse and recycle the debris, avoiding major cost of transport.
  • Joint efforts are being in progress with M/s  C‘CURE Building Products Pvt. Ltd. Company well-known for creating building products like fly ash bricks and blocks to convert construction debris in the form of ‘Construction Rubble” of suitable size by directly using the debris on site.
  • To support this R&D project PCERF have decided to create data base record for construction waste on site after collecting data from various projects.
  • PCERF  decided to study 50 sites of different levels and types. Such as individual Bungalows, medium ownership schemes, mega projects, multi storied building of similar category.
  • PCERF is sure that Promoters & Builders  will respond positively to solve your neglected part and headache for all construction sites and join hands with PCERF to minimize construction waste, reuse and recycling the same.