About Us


Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF) is an NGO registered under Sec. 25 of Companies Act 1956, established in 1983. Eminent Civil Engineers, architects, Consultants and Builders came together and decided to serve Construction Industry by solving day to day problems and creating awareness about the latest technological developments in Construction Industry. Last 25 years, PCERF is working hard to improve quality, knowledge, technology, research and developments in various fields of the Construction Industry by arranging workshops, seminars, conferences, refresher courses, competitions, and publications from the grass root level of skilled, semi- skilled, and unskilled workers, students, Engineers, Architects and fresh entrepreneurs. To develop education through exhibition PCERF started series of Constro exhibitions since 1985. A movement for all including the end users, the common man, showcasing the latest Construction Machinery, Materials, Methods and Projects achieving International standards with various themes, entrance gate competitions, involving college students to participate. The 11th Constro exhibition ”Constro 2009” was held in the month of December 2009  , was based on Green and Eco – Friendly Construction Practices with Emphasis on Energy Efficient Buildings. Pune city has become a landmark on the world map due to Constro’s.
PCERF has built close bonds with all Engineers and Architectural Colleges, Technological and Professional organizations, Local Government Departments, National and International organizations. It has created a harmonious environment for very useful collaboration between the construction and research organizations of the Industry. An excellent team of dedicated professional is the real strength of PCERF, with which the organization is stepping forward to serve the end user through Construction Industry and to serve our Nation, India. 
Objective of PCERF:
P.C.E.R.F. is a N.G.O. established in 1983 with the initiative of prominent Civil Engineers in Pune. Its membership now includes people from all Construction related fields; Contractors, Builders, Architects, Structural Engineers, Educational Institutes in Civil Engineering and Architecture. The main objectives of P.C.E.R.F. are

  1. Research and Development in Construction Materials and Methods.
  2. To transfer knowledge through Seminars and Workshops.
  3. To update knowledge of working engineers by conducting Refreshers Courses.
  4. To provide a common platform for interaction between the manufacturers and users through Constro Exhibitions.
  5. To arrange for demonstration of new materials, machinery and new opportunities for building industry in India and abroad.
  6. To publish articles and books on topics of interest for the building industry.
  7. Workers training at Rural Building Center at Wagholi.


P.C.E.R.F. is keen to establish a well- equipped laboratory, a training center for semi-skilled workers and to collaborate with other organizations and Govt. authorities to further the interests of Constructions Industry.