Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF), a unique non-profit organization based in Pune, is an association for research & development work, to seek new avenues, creates awareness for new processes and new materials to bring about a qualitative improvement in construction technology.

With the ever increasing demands for electricity it becomes our social responsibility to save as well as generate electricity from natural sources. These days using solar energy for generating electricity is gaining momentum, especially after the announcement of the Solar Mission by the Govt. of India.

Considering the importance and necessity of Solar – Electricity we felt the need of conducting seminar and workshop for the professionals for awareness. We have a feed back from professionals in construction industry there is a need of a forum that will give guidance on the installation of SOLAR ELECTRICITY as well as help to make Economical & practical from a builders view.

PCERF formed an advisory committee of experts in the field of Solar Electricity who will help the professional to solve their problems. The committee will

  • provide technical know how,
  • educate the people ,
  • give guidance to the enquires,
  • Will provide consultation to builders.