l PCERF || Plastering Machines For Indigenous Need


Civil Engineering Department

Gore S. L., Tanawade A. G.,Dhonde H. B. and Mahajan M. A.Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune


    The building construction is one of the most unfamiliar R & D activities in the robotics and automation community. Nevertheless, the building construction is one of the oldest and largest economic sectors. Intense competition, shortages of skilled labor, increase in labor cost and technological advances are forcing rapid change in the building construction. Building construction is divided into two large groups :commercial infrastructure and residential building. Both areas are needed plastering work for increasing the quality of construction. Machines has been developed to automate the plastering work is very much demand for construction field. It includes microcontroller, relay, AC/DC motor, fabricated structure, display, belt drives etc.The present work highlights the design and developments of prototype in this area and also a new model is proposed to automate the plastering work. Initially the model was developed and fabricated for considering the normal constructed brick wall. The completed model was validated by testing the machine using the brick wall and the statistical details of the manual work are also observed at the different conditions. The construction industry has a long Turn Around Time - TAT due to human- based work environment.
    Further, lack of skilled labor, increase in labor cost, and technological advances are forcing rapid changes in building construction, which mainly consists of commercial infrastructure and residential building, where plastering work is must.The introduction of a new automated plastering machine can help to reduce the TAT in the construction field. The present work developed a model of a wall plastering machine. The proposed machine consists of an AC motor, gear box, wire rope mechanism, pulley, hopper-tray, guide ways, etc. The model has been fabricated considering a normal constructed brick wall, and further validated through testing in real-time environment.