Appeal to Constructors

    Ferrocement is the magical construction technology used by architects and engineers in a very creative way. In India many buildings and small dams, bridges are being constructed using this technology. Till now 12 international conferences were organized in different countries. Ferrocement Society has also organized 5 National Conventions on ferrocement, in India. Looking to the increasing popularity of this technology in architects and civil engineers, PCERF has decided to honor the best constructor for using the ferrocement technology. The award will be given to the successful participant during the CONSTRO 2020 in PUNE. The winner will get a cash prize Rs 7500, the trophy and a certificate, while all the participants will get a certificate of participation.

    Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF), an NGO established in 1983 by eminent Civil Engineers, architects, Consultants and Builders to serve Construction Industry by solving day to day problems and creating awareness about latest technological developments in Construction Industry. PCERF organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, refresher courses, competitions and publications for people at various levels from unskilled, semi- skilled and skilled workers to students, Engineers, Architects Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Consultants etc. PCERF also organize `Constro’ International Trade Fair, with an objective `education through exhibition’, since year 1985, comprising majorly display of products, services of all construction related categories along with concurrent events, conferences, seminars. The 16th in series – Constro’20, will be organized from 16th to 20th Jan 2020 at Agriculture College Ground, Pune, India.


  1. The building or infrastructure must be built and constructed during last 2 years ie completion after 31 October 2017. The location of the structure must be in INDIA.
  2. Architect, Engineer or the owner of the structure can submit application to PCERF.
  3. Submission shall contain a forwarding letter, minimum 15 Photos of the construction, 2 videos of the construction(optional), a descriptive note of the construction showing location, purpose, dates of starting and completion, new creative ideas used in the structure, actual costs, architectural features, design aspects, percentage of the cost of ferrocement components compared to total structure cost. A PPT containing 20 slides can be submitted with application.
    Incomplete or false information may be liable for rejection.
  4. Last date of receipt by email- 25th December 2019.
  5. The structures will be seen or crutinized by the expert committee panel. The decision of the panel will be binding on the participants.


E-mail: pcerfferroaward@gmail.com

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