Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF) is as an NGO, established in the year 1983 by eminent Civil Engineers and Architects with an objective of `Education and Research’. Members of PCERF and its Executive Committee are eminent businessmen, engineers and professionals from various sectors of Construction industry. PCERF is working hard to create awareness about the latest technological developments and improve quality, knowledge, research and developments in Construction and related Industry by way of organizing workshops, training programs, seminars, conferences etc. With the objective of `Education through Exhibition’, PCERF has been organizing `Constro’ International Expo, once in two years since 1985.Today, there is a need to connect Academia with Industry. To give exposure and orient Post Graduate Civil Engineering students, PCERF has initiated Student Internship Program (SIP).SIP help students to inculcate practical approach and also promote innovativeness, indigenization of technology & indentifying real problems of the industry in the minds of students.

    This effectively guides student on applicability of projects and leads them to developing entrepreneurship culture. Select students from some of the renowned institutes in Pune are taking benefits of PCERF’s SIP initiative and the students are interviewed by PCERF committee members before being absorbed in the industry. This process helps PCERF to create awareness or convey general code of conduct to students while working in the industry and also helps in understanding interest area/s of the students. Once absorbed, progress of these students during the SIP period is tracked on a routine basis by their faculty and PCERF committee. Students who produce excellent results during the SIP are allowed to work further with the respective industry and few select topics are taken up for further research.On completing SIP successfully, PCERF offers certificate to the students, on the basis of `Progress Report and Performance’.


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